Useful addresses to use in Dolphin's debug mode (or Cheat Manager)Edit

All the following addresses work for all the teams and all the levels (to be tested).

Character Description Address
Speed Forward Speed 009DA280
Vertical Speed 009DA284
Facing Angle 009DA198
X Position 009DA1C8
Y Position 009DA1CC
Z Position 009DA1D0
Power Forward Speed 009DB9E0
Vertical Speed 009DB9E4
Facing Angle 009DB8F8
X Position 009DB928
Y Position 009DB92C
Z Position 009DB930
Fly Forward Speed 009DADB0
Vertical Speed 009DADB4
Facing Angle 009DACC8
X Position 009DACF8
Y Position 009DACFC
Z Position 009DAD00

Tricks for Team Sonic / Team DarkEdit

Kick AcceleratorEdit

When you do a normal kick, you have to wait 0.5 seconds (30 frames) to do another kick to gain more speed. But if you do this trick, you can do another kick 0.03 seconds (2 frames) after the previous one.

How to do it: First of all, you need to have Knuckles/Omega near you. This will make you switch to flight mode instantly. If he isn't near you, you have to switch to power formation and switch back to speed, so he'll be near you now. With Knuckles/Omega near you, you have to do a kick, wait one frame, switch to flight formation, switch back to speed formation, do another kick, wait one frame, switch to flight... and so on. So the inputs should be like this: B ->   -> Y -> X -> B ->   -> Y -> X -> B ->   -> Y -> X -> B...

Why is this useful: When you do a normal kick, you gain 0.9 of speed, but keeps desaccelerating really fast after it. With this trick, you gain the 0.9 of speed, lose 0.5 while switching to flight, gain more 0.9 in the kick, lose more 0.5, and so on. So you end up gaining 0.4 of speed in each 0.06 seconds (4 frames), which is a huge amount. Keep in mind that doing a kick while in a low speed (lower than 5) makes you have 6 of speed, while a rocket accel gets 8, 12 or 15 (more info here) of speed and a light dash cancel gets 16 of speed, so it's always worth doing one of these before the kick accelerator, if possible.

PS: The speed values are according on running on a flat ground; running on a descending or ascending ground might give different speed values.

How to avoid losing speedEdit

When you need to clear a gap or fly up a wall, you can either do a Triangle Dive (that will keep the most speed but usually can't reach higher platforms) or a Catch Up Flight (that will keep around half of your speed but you can get higher by flying and thundershooting, which will extend your flight). To reach even higher platforms, you can do a Flight Accel Boost right after the Catch Up Flight. This can be used to avoid switching to Knuckles in the big fans of Ocean Palace.

Loop Glitch (found by romanemul)Edit

First of all, you need to have a kick as your last action (do NOT break this kick by switching to Tails/Rouge, or else it won't work). This will trigger the Jump Storage trick. Now, to get off the loop: in the main stick of the controller, keep holding up until a certain point of the loop. By having a neutral stick (holding no direction), he will avoid following the automated part of the loop. This will make him go out of the loop, but he'll still be able to do a jump dash or a tornado, because it was stored in the Jump Storage trick.

Right after getting off of the loop, hold a direction in the stick that makes you go away off the loop, and then jump dash. Sonic/Shadow will go towards the automated sections of the loop and will get insane speeds, and then will be launched in the opposite direction of the loop. Manipulating this direction is usually very annoying, so you have to test which spot in the loop you have to release the stick, what direction you need to hold, and which frame you need to jump dash. This makes this trick TAS-only, as it's really random. Even though many people can do this trick in real time, nobody managed to make it actually save time in a run.