Note: We use the file timer to track Single Segment times on the Leaderboards. Make sure to always save during your runs.Edit


I: No cheating devices or discs (or hacks / memory editing of any kind). It's disrespectful to the game as well as the people running the game. 

II: Don't playback someone else's run, dtm, or TAS.

III: Don't use a turbo feature on any kind of controller.

IV: You must use the finished version of the game (or the corresponding version if we decide to make categories for any of the Prototype versions).

Single Segment SpeedrunsEdit

Basic GuidelinesEdit

I: You are to start from a fresh file. Boss Emblems are carried over between teams and there aren't any New Game + categories.

II: TBG is allowed. Be aware that Team Blasts eat up file time and real time, despite stopping the in-game timer. 

III: Times are tracked using the File Timer as game time. The file timer tracks and doesn't track the following:

Tracks: Gameplay (including Team Blasts), in-engine cutscenes, result screens

Doesn't track: Pre-rendered cutscenes, credits, pauses, menus, game overs

Note: you don't need to use your file timer. You can manually time the run with a timer and stopping at loading screens or by editing out loading screens and timing your video (because it is consistent with real time), but it's recommended that you have it on to save you the trouble.

What's Been Banned / Deemed ForbiddenEdit

I: As we are using the in-game file timer, you are not allowed to keep Game Overs in your PB. If you Game Over or quit during your run, the time isn't saved.

II: You are not allowed to have an extensive pause in your run (what counts as an extensive pause isn't confirmed yet). The in-game file timer doesn't count pause menu time, so it is counted as splicing your run, making it void for leaderboards.


I: PAL 60 Hz is not allowed due to the fact it is known to run at 120% speed. (See Version Differences)

II: PSN version isn't allowed due to irregular spikes and drops in framerate due to bad emulation.

III: You don't NEED to use your file timer, but if you want your PB to count, it'll prevent you from needing to manually time it.

Note: it is faster not to save if you're using the GC version on your Wii, but on the XBOX version played on a 360, it's faster to save.

Individual Level SpeedrunsEdit

Basic GuidelinesEdit

I: Segmenting runs is allowed.

II: Any file will do.

What's Been Banned / Deemed ForbiddenEdit

I: Using TBG in any of the Team Dark charts.

Ring AttacksEdit

What's Been Banned / Deemed ForbiddenEdit

I: The use of Back Rings (Exception: As Chaotix, sometimes it's better to reach the unintended sections first, then touch the Back Ring, but MAKE SURE you DO NOT collect ANY rings on the main path)

II: You may not collect the same ring twice (corresponds to the rule listed above). As Chaotix, you may not destroy the same enemy twice with Chaotix Recital if said enemy respawns.

Special StagesEdit

No restrictions currently exist for this category.