Not a speedrunner? Or new to speedrunning? No problem, we're gonna teach ya some words so you can fit right in :D

Overall Speedrunning VernacularEdit

Strats: A shortened version of the word strategy used to mean routes, tricks, glitches, strategies, etc. This can refer to a single or specific thing, or the entire collection of everything used in a certain level or area.

Splits: Units of variable measurement used in speedruns. They measure small sections of the speedrun, often for specific areas, levels or bosses, or a collection of them.

SS: Single Segment

IL: Individual Levels

RTA: Real Time Attack (Often just Real Time)

TAS: Tool-Assisted Speedrun or Tool-Assisted Superplay

GC / GCN: Gamecube

Twitch VernacularEdit

Teh urn: A misspelling of "the run". Originating for Siglemic's chat. Sig is known as a Super Mario 64 speedrunner.

Glod: A misspelling of gold, referring to a personal best time for their splits in a speedrun. Originating from Sig's chat (unconfirmed).

All twitch emotes will not be listed here, go to for those.

Sonic Heroes Speedrunning VernacularEdit

IFG: Infinite Flight Glitch

TBG: Team Blast Glitch

CPX: Checkpoint X (X stands for a number)

Ground Pound: Refers to Vector's Hammer Down attack

Belly Flop / Body Slam: Refers to Big's Body Press attack

RA: Ring Attack

SH: Seaside Hill

OP: Ocean Palace

EH: Egg Hawk

GM: Grand Metropolis

PP: Power Plant

Team 1: First Team Battle

CP: Casino Park

BH: Bingo Highway

EC: Egg Carnval

RC: Rail Canyon

BS: Bullet Station

EA: Egg Albatross

FrF: Frog Forest

LJ: Lost Jungle

Team 2: Second Team Battle

HC: Hang Castle

MM: Mystic Mansion

RS: Robot Storm

EF: Egg Fleet

FiF: Final Fortress

EE: Egg Emperor

MM: Metal Madness / Final Boss