What is Acebot?Edit

Acebot also known as Acebots III was written by 7thAce in Java, it serves as a moderation and utiliy bot. The bot development has finished on July 27th.

Acebot is highly customizable bot, potentially more so than most other popular bots on twitch, such as Nightbot, Moobot, or Xanbot. This is because Acebots is a downloadable application instead of a twitch addon. Acebots also features a built in plugin system, allowing users to create their own commands, systems, and features. The creator tries to make his Acebots unique. By making assumptions about chat and applying those in clever ways, Acebots can appear much "smarter" than other bots.

As of right now Acebot is currently used in a few select streams, typically speedrunners doing a few select functions, a known list of streamers that have thus far been involved with the use of Acebot/Acebot has been used on include:  

  • noobes
  • azorae
  • excessiveprofanity
  • professorbroman
  • cirno_tv
  • edemonster
  • darkspinessonic

Commands for AceBotEdit

Acebot as it is customizable has many different commands, the basic commands bundled with the Acebot sourcecode include : *say

  • test
  • allowpasta
  • denypasta
  • wr
  • editwr
  • filter
  • join
  • set
  • whois
  • whoami
  • accountage
  • addcommand
  • videolookup
  • createmulti
  • quote
  • deathgame
  • host

Acebot is very clever on it's commands, it will detect for example a game based on the title of the stream and game set (on Twitch) and give an appropriate category when one types in !WR to show the current game's category World Record.

Known Syntax: !WR followed by a specified beginning of the game title, full name of the title or end of the game title, as long as it's recognizable by the bot followed by a category will return the World Record and it's achiever. !wr <game> <category> !editwr <game> <time> <runner> <categories>

More will soon be found by asking the creator, or inspecting source code.

Sonic Heroes?Edit

Well this is a Sonic Heroes wiki right? Acebot is customized per each stream and does not however share it's data between streams as it is, meaning the streamer could choose what game and categories are within Acebot and which can not.

Other LinksEdit

Acebot III official documentation by 7thAce

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